Friday, March 1, 2013

My sister is joining the THM club

Exiting older sister is going to be doing THM too.  I think this is so awesome.  I promised her I would post a few days of menus to give her some ideas .  It will be good for me to track as well.  A little accountability goes a long way.

Breakfast: (FP)0% greek yogurt, 6 frozen strawberries with 1 scoop of whey (pg 376)
Lunch: (S) 1 can of water packed tuna on 50/50 (spinach and mixed greens), Creamy italian dressing, nutritional yeast and parmasean
Dinner: (S)Easy Meatloaf(pg. 317) with steamed brocolli and califlower with butter
Dessert: (FP) Tummy Tucking Icecream (pg 368)  vanilla flavored with tsp peanut butter for creaminess, topped with cocoa and NuNaturals

Breakfast:  Poptart (not plan approved)
Lunch and Afternoon Snack:  (FP) Fat Stripping Frappe (pg 240) with 1 scoop of WPP and 2Tb of Peanut Flour
Dinner (S) Spicy Chicken Wings

Breakfast: (E) 2 pieces of Ezekial Toast with Polmers Strawberry All Fruit and Fiber and 1/2 Fat Stripping Frappe with 1/2 scoop of WPP and <1 Tbs of peanut flour
Lunch: (E)  Water packed Tuna, Sweet Potato with tsp butter, NuNaturals, and Cinnamon.
Afternoon snack (S) Ham and Regular Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese Meat Roll Ups
Dinner (E) Zest of Southwest (pg 294) with black beans added and a few Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.
Dessert (FP) Tummy Tucking Icecream

I will post my weekend menu tomorrow.