Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Friday

Here is todays menu

B- 2 Pieces of Ezk. Toast with Palmers Jelly and a FP protien shake (E)

Lunch; Ham and Cheese Omlet (S)

AS: Turkey Roll Ups (S)

Dinner: Soup: Maybe Zest of Southwest with added limas, black, and green beans.

I have to get some veggies in somewhere today.

Goals for this weekend.  Make a few batches of skinny chocolate.  Figure out what to do with 10 squash from the garden.   Conquer the disaster in the kitchen.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Plugging away and very blessed :)

I haven't blogged in a while but I am still plugging away at the plan.  I have had to tweak things alot more lately because I am having some pretty strong food aversion and some morning sicknesses that hits around dinner time but all and all I am on plan.  I am maintaining sometimes even dropping a little wieght which is the goal for now.  Overall I feel very nourished. 

I am so excited for my first THM pregnancy and that I got to start it weighing less than I did with my other pregnancy.  In fact if I can hold to a gain of 20lbs I will wiegh less than I did with Ariella.  I started at 184 ish and I was 205 when I got pregnant with her.  I would love to stay under 200 but that might not be realistic.  Maybe with some added exercise I could do it but 1lb a week from week 20 to week 36 is almost gauranteed and totally normal.  And I am not sure I will be able to make it to 20 weeks before I see a gain.  Whatever the scale says I am sure my midwife will be very pleased with my current level of nutrition.  We see her on Sept 9th and I will be 12 weeks then.

The Lord is good and we feel so blessed.   

B- (S) smoothie- with WPP, blueberries, coconut oil, coco, stevia, almond milk and lime juice.

L- (E) Turkey, LLC, Lettuce, pickles and mustard on Ezk. Bread with grilled Zuchini

AS- (FP) Choc Pudding, maybe another FP WPP smoothie if I am feeling really sick

Dinner -(S) Salmon Patties and steamed asparagus with butter.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wonderfully Unmotivated Wednesday

Today, honestly I don't want to think about food.  Plan food or not. :(  I had fried eggs this morning.  My normal go to on these sorts of days.  They weren't that good. :( Normally I am very excited for my plan foods.  Excited to change fuels or have a sweet treat.  Not today.  Maybe its the weather or maybe it was getting woken up 5 times last night.

Thankfully, I have chicken breast thawing and marinating for dinner tonight.

So here the plan for today

B- 2 Fried Eggs in butter, mini FSF only 1/2 scoop of whey (S)

Lunch- Left over taco meat and 1/2 sweet potato (E)

Afternoon Snack: Meat Rollups with Turkey and LC cheese and 1/4 pudding (FP)

Dinner: Nicey Ricey Salad with Italian Marinated oven baked chicken breast, quinioa, grilled zucchini, and salad greens (E)

Dessert:  Greek Yogurt with frozen strawberries and blueberries.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more inspired.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today's Menu

B- Smoothie 1/3 banana, 1/2 a cup oatmeal, 1/2 TB peanut flour, 1 scoop of WPP, 1/2 tsp oc EVCO, almond milk & ice (E)
the oats and banana are pushing the E limit but I think  with the protien it was probably safe.  If not it was a crossover and hopefully a nice curve ball for my metabolism.

MS- 1/2 mint FSF w/ Skinny choc.

Lunch- Salad with chicken breast, squash, parm, nutritional yeast and creamy csear. And the other 1/2 of my FSF (S)

Snack: Pudding (FP) and lemon water

Dinner: Taco Meat on Salad Greens with black beans and Greek Yogurt (E).

Goal for today is to make dinner at lunch time and to make a batch of pancakes for the rest of the week.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Warm Tea and Thankfulness

Warm tea and skinny chocolate before bed tonight.  It feels more like Sept or Oct. Here tonight.  Low is suppose to be 53.  It hasn't been very warm this summer but tonight is still refreshing.  The change in seasons always makes me reflective and thankful.  Though fall isn't here yet the weather still kicks me in to that quiet thankful place.

Daryl is hanging with the guys tonight and the house is finally quiet.  I had a hard time getting Ariella to nurse down because I didn't hydrate well.  But she finally settled.

I feel very blessed for the seasons that are coming and the tools God has given me for those seasons.  THM is a big part of that.  I love that I can enjoy chocolate while not crashing my system. I love that my husband loves this way of eating too and that me taking care of myself has really opened new doors in our relationship.  I am greatful for the energy I have for housekeeping and kid chasing and the way those things have lowered our stress level as a family.  And I thankful to be less in bondage to food, cravings, sugar, and,my flesh than I was 8 months ago.

God is good and his grace is abundant. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Friday, Good coffee

It was a chilly morning here.  At least for Aug anyway.  We don't have AC so we used window fans pretty much all the time.  The chill made my BP coffee very enjoyable.  The next couple of days are suppose to be a little more in, the mild side.  I think I will break out the crock pot and make some roast and beans.  Oh and my other head of cabbage.  Its good days here.

I had a cheat last night of regular pizza.  It was good but man I felt crummy about 9pm.  But this is a for life thing and the fellowship wa s much need.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Skinny Chocolate Saves the Day

We had rough morning.  A long errand, a cranky toddler and a car sick princess.  Man did I savor every moment of my morning snack.  Glad I can do a little emotional eating to de-stress and still be on plan.  Sometimes a girl just needs chocolate and a, minute to breathe.