Monday, July 29, 2013

Warm Tea and Thankfulness

Warm tea and skinny chocolate before bed tonight.  It feels more like Sept or Oct. Here tonight.  Low is suppose to be 53.  It hasn't been very warm this summer but tonight is still refreshing.  The change in seasons always makes me reflective and thankful.  Though fall isn't here yet the weather still kicks me in to that quiet thankful place.

Daryl is hanging with the guys tonight and the house is finally quiet.  I had a hard time getting Ariella to nurse down because I didn't hydrate well.  But she finally settled.

I feel very blessed for the seasons that are coming and the tools God has given me for those seasons.  THM is a big part of that.  I love that I can enjoy chocolate while not crashing my system. I love that my husband loves this way of eating too and that me taking care of myself has really opened new doors in our relationship.  I am greatful for the energy I have for housekeeping and kid chasing and the way those things have lowered our stress level as a family.  And I thankful to be less in bondage to food, cravings, sugar, and,my flesh than I was 8 months ago.

God is good and his grace is abundant. :)

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