Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I am back!

I am back on the wagon!  Hooray!  My husband got hurt at work in March and couldn't help with the kids and I just couldn't keep up with everything.  Thankfully he's fully recovered and we are back to being a THM family.  Actually it was Daryl who got me back on plan.  One day he said "Would you make me some skinny chocolate?  I miss it and all this sugar is killing me."

I have  been back on plan almost three weeks.  I did gain back some wieght during my subbatical.  At one point I was back up to 197.  This morning I was 185.6 which is close to the 185 I was when I went off plan in March.  The last 3 week I have been going between 183.4 & 186.6 mostly hanging at 185.5.

While I have lost all my baby wieght from both pregnancies this 185 range is really where my body likes to hang out and this is where I feel the real hard work begins.

I am trying to be realistic and optimistic. After all my last pregnancy wieght was 233.  In light of that I have lost right at 48lbs in less than a year.  20 of those where THM pounds.  That's definately worth celebrating but I am nervous at the same time, that the plan won't work for my real weight issue.  My non-pregnancy, I am just fat weight.  Lol.  And now that Ariella is sleeping through the night and nursing alot less I don't have that for an extra boost. :-/

I finally started excersizing this week.  Its about time I got my butt in gear, literally!  So as promise I am going to put my scale away til Aug 12th.  My goal is to fit into the size 14 skinny jeans I got at the thift store last week. So as I figure it I have been on plan a total of 12 weeks ish total and lost right at 20lbs.  At the end of this month I might consider doing a Fuel Cycle. 

Its good to be back in the groove.  Happy THMama-ing today.

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