Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thinking outside the box.

My groceries are dwindling and I need to make it until Sunday after church.  Normally groceries happen on Thursday but I need to shift our schedule to Sundays to take advantage of double fuel points on the weekend at Kroger with the coupon they print in thier weekly ad.  Its not much savings but I have to buy gas and groceries so why not take advantage of the opportunity.  And by doing it on Sunday, I won't be making the extra trip Sat. which would nullify the savings.

I am not out of everything but I am out of alot of my usual fall backs.
No eggs
No salad
No cottage cheese
Limited oatmeal (this is hubbys breakfast so I have to make sure it last him til Friday.  I can have the extra  2 cup or so dry)
No frozen blubberries
No fresh fruit
No frozen chicken
No salmon
No cottage cheese
No whey protien powder

So here is what I do have:
3 cans of tuna
2 cans of black beans
1/2 bag of dry chana dal
4 bags of dry pintos
1/2 container of greek yogurt
1 serving of frozen strawberries
1 serving of frozen string beans
1 fresh squash
2 fresh zuccuhini
1/2 bag of frozen lima beans
1 frozen serving quinioa and 1/2 box dry
3/4 container of almond milk
3/4 stick of butter
1 pack of brussel sprouts
1 bag of brocolli
2 bags of frozen califlower
Deli meat ham
Pizza sauce
Shredded cheese
laughing cow cheese
Some PB
1 jar of palmers
Penut flour
Ground beef (local) and some misc. Cuts
Ground pork (local) and misc. Cuts including Bacon
3/4 loaf of Ezk. Bread
2 Flat Out Flat Breads.
Coconut Oil
Stevia and normal spices

Wow I have alot more than I thought but that is for 2 adult and 2 little ones until Sunday afternoon.  Of course there are some off plan breads, pastas and yogurt that everybody else may see.

So I will post my menu for each day and bold the meals that are new to us from the book or other places.  I really want to stay on plan and I really need to make it til Sunday Sounds like a good challenge.  Praying the Lord will give me inspiration and the ability to focus on the abundance I do have.  That was a much longer list than I thought. I already feel alot better than I did.  :)

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