Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wonderfully Unmotivated Wednesday

Today, honestly I don't want to think about food.  Plan food or not. :(  I had fried eggs this morning.  My normal go to on these sorts of days.  They weren't that good. :( Normally I am very excited for my plan foods.  Excited to change fuels or have a sweet treat.  Not today.  Maybe its the weather or maybe it was getting woken up 5 times last night.

Thankfully, I have chicken breast thawing and marinating for dinner tonight.

So here the plan for today

B- 2 Fried Eggs in butter, mini FSF only 1/2 scoop of whey (S)

Lunch- Left over taco meat and 1/2 sweet potato (E)

Afternoon Snack: Meat Rollups with Turkey and LC cheese and 1/4 pudding (FP)

Dinner: Nicey Ricey Salad with Italian Marinated oven baked chicken breast, quinioa, grilled zucchini, and salad greens (E)

Dessert:  Greek Yogurt with frozen strawberries and blueberries.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more inspired.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today's Menu

B- Smoothie 1/3 banana, 1/2 a cup oatmeal, 1/2 TB peanut flour, 1 scoop of WPP, 1/2 tsp oc EVCO, almond milk & ice (E)
the oats and banana are pushing the E limit but I think  with the protien it was probably safe.  If not it was a crossover and hopefully a nice curve ball for my metabolism.

MS- 1/2 mint FSF w/ Skinny choc.

Lunch- Salad with chicken breast, squash, parm, nutritional yeast and creamy csear. And the other 1/2 of my FSF (S)

Snack: Pudding (FP) and lemon water

Dinner: Taco Meat on Salad Greens with black beans and Greek Yogurt (E).

Goal for today is to make dinner at lunch time and to make a batch of pancakes for the rest of the week.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Warm Tea and Thankfulness

Warm tea and skinny chocolate before bed tonight.  It feels more like Sept or Oct. Here tonight.  Low is suppose to be 53.  It hasn't been very warm this summer but tonight is still refreshing.  The change in seasons always makes me reflective and thankful.  Though fall isn't here yet the weather still kicks me in to that quiet thankful place.

Daryl is hanging with the guys tonight and the house is finally quiet.  I had a hard time getting Ariella to nurse down because I didn't hydrate well.  But she finally settled.

I feel very blessed for the seasons that are coming and the tools God has given me for those seasons.  THM is a big part of that.  I love that I can enjoy chocolate while not crashing my system. I love that my husband loves this way of eating too and that me taking care of myself has really opened new doors in our relationship.  I am greatful for the energy I have for housekeeping and kid chasing and the way those things have lowered our stress level as a family.  And I thankful to be less in bondage to food, cravings, sugar, and,my flesh than I was 8 months ago.

God is good and his grace is abundant. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Friday, Good coffee

It was a chilly morning here.  At least for Aug anyway.  We don't have AC so we used window fans pretty much all the time.  The chill made my BP coffee very enjoyable.  The next couple of days are suppose to be a little more in, the mild side.  I think I will break out the crock pot and make some roast and beans.  Oh and my other head of cabbage.  Its good days here.

I had a cheat last night of regular pizza.  It was good but man I felt crummy about 9pm.  But this is a for life thing and the fellowship wa s much need.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Skinny Chocolate Saves the Day

We had rough morning.  A long errand, a cranky toddler and a car sick princess.  Man did I savor every moment of my morning snack.  Glad I can do a little emotional eating to de-stress and still be on plan.  Sometimes a girl just needs chocolate and a, minute to breathe. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fantastic Frappe

So that mint chocolate Frappe was as delicious as I had hope.  I have had it three times in 3 days.  Yum O.  My goals for the rest of the week are some excersize and at least one E meal a day.

Here's todays plan

Breakfast:  FSF with added mint and Skinny Chocolate (S)

Snack:  Choc Pudding or Wasa Crackers with LC cheese (FP)

Lunch: Left overs, Taco Meat and beans, cabbage, and 1/2 sweet potato (E)

Snack: Skinny Choc. (S), Choc Pudding, or Greek yogurt with frozen Strawberries (FP).

Dinner: Crabby patties, Green Fries, Creamy Califlower (S)

Dessert: Frozen Greek yogurt (Fp)

It's a blessed Wednesday. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Swanson's Order

My Swandons order is on the truck for delivery, or so says my UPS app.  I am so excited.  It has my whey protien powder, more coconut oil (yummy skinny chocolate really drains the supply) and some supplements.  I can hardly wait.

First thing I will make is a FSF with my mint flavored chlrophyll added.Should be a peppermint pattie in my mouth.  What a fun way to get some extra protien in.

I did some prepping last night.  Choc pudding, a batch of pancakes, skinny chocolate, and kale chips. The kale chips where a flop in my opinion but the hubby liked them.  The kale was starting to turn anyway. 

Now I just need to decide about excersize.  My energy levels have been really down lately.  I am hoping some of my new supplements will help.  Particularly my D3.

Happy THM monday. :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Making it through the weekend.

It's been a good weekend here.  I over spent our grocery budget but I got alot,of plan approved snacks.  So we adjusted a little to make it work.  It's nice to have some things to take with me if I go out of the house.

My poor hubby has felt horrible for almost 2 weeks.  He finally went to the doctor yesterday and they did a blood draw to test for Lyme Disease.  Hopefully we will get the results by Wednesday.  He's sleeping on the couch now.  And he has to work an hour away everyday next week.  And his boss is on vacation so it will likely be a 50+ hour week.

I haven't felt the greatest either.  The heat is really getting me.  My plan for next week is to use the crock pot alot and to eat lots of salad.  I am going to keep the daytimes simple and prep dinner as, much as I can ahead of time.

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's a 10:30 cup of coffee type of day

Yesterday didn't go so well plan wise so I am determined to make today work.

Breakfast: Oatmeal choco/peanut butter smoothie (E) 7:00

2 hours later: Choc Pudding (FP) 9:00

Morning snack: Coffee and skinny chocolate (S) 10:30

Lunch: Steak with Squash and zuchini (S)  1:30

Dinner: Some sort of meat with Brussell Sprouts (S) 6:00

I will snack on pudding if I need to before dinner. 

Hopefully this cup of joe will help be make it through bath time and to nap time.  I am feel particularly anxious and impatient with the kids today.  At least its Friday.  :) And there is grace.  Oh and I ordered from Swansons yesterday.  God is good and we are blessed.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Switching it up

This morning I skipped the coffee and went for an E breakfast before doing a kettlebell work out.  Here is what my day will look like.

Breakfast: Smoothie with 1/2 dry oatmeal, a few tablespoons of greek yogurt, TB of Peanut flour, tsp CO, ice, almond milk, coco and Stevia. (E)

Seriously it tasted like a preacher cookie and had a great cold refreshing consistency.  Yum!

Workout:  Iron Core Kettle Bell 25 minute beginners circuit work

Post WorkOut: Pork chop and 1/2 a zucchini grilled (S)

Snack: 1/2 0% Greek Yogurt with 3 frozen strawbberries (FP)

I don't usually do a morning snack but I was never actually fully satisfied with the pork chop and zuccuhini so I had the yogurt an hour later.  Plus I had breakfast at 6:45 this morning and I think working out jumped my metabolism.  Which I want to keep fueled

Lunch: small burger patty with csear dressing and sauteed green beans (S)

Snack: Skinny Choc (S) or Choc Pudding (FP)

I had a few minutes of content children so I made a double the recipe of Choc Pudding (4 servings) and some more Skinny Choc.  I do so much better when I have quick snack options

Dinner: Alfredo sauce (from Swiss LCC, chicken broth, gluccie, and seasoning ) with beef and cauli rice  (S). 
Hubby and little ones will have it with chicken tenders (leftover) and regular pasta.

Sometimes I do make two meals but this still only requires 1 new protien and I will save the rest of the ground beef for a quick taco lunch tomorrow.

Dessert: Skinny Choc. (S)

Don't feel like vi having to scrounge too much yet but it is coming. Hope Wednesday finds you perservering on your journey to your forever trim. :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Bullet proof coffee with cream and CO, coco and stevia (S)

Workout: Bob Harper's Butt & Balance

Post Workout Breakfast: left over steak (4oz) cover with a slice of swiss cheese and 1/2 zucchini fried in butter and Parm. (S)

Lunch: leftover burger patty (grassfed lean) with mustard, 1 small sweet potato and 1/2 cup of seasoned canned black beans

I found my kettlebell so I did a warm and 1 circuit of Iron Core Kettle.  I am very new to kettle bells so I was basically just practicing form.  I did get winded though and I am a little sore.  Does that count as a second workout??

Afternoon Snack: Skinny Choc. 1/5 a batch and Ham roll ups (S)

Dinner: Burritos (lean beef, black beans & Rotel) on approved flat bread.  (S if I watch the bean amount)

Thinking outside the box.

My groceries are dwindling and I need to make it until Sunday after church.  Normally groceries happen on Thursday but I need to shift our schedule to Sundays to take advantage of double fuel points on the weekend at Kroger with the coupon they print in thier weekly ad.  Its not much savings but I have to buy gas and groceries so why not take advantage of the opportunity.  And by doing it on Sunday, I won't be making the extra trip Sat. which would nullify the savings.

I am not out of everything but I am out of alot of my usual fall backs.
No eggs
No salad
No cottage cheese
Limited oatmeal (this is hubbys breakfast so I have to make sure it last him til Friday.  I can have the extra  2 cup or so dry)
No frozen blubberries
No fresh fruit
No frozen chicken
No salmon
No cottage cheese
No whey protien powder

So here is what I do have:
3 cans of tuna
2 cans of black beans
1/2 bag of dry chana dal
4 bags of dry pintos
1/2 container of greek yogurt
1 serving of frozen strawberries
1 serving of frozen string beans
1 fresh squash
2 fresh zuccuhini
1/2 bag of frozen lima beans
1 frozen serving quinioa and 1/2 box dry
3/4 container of almond milk
3/4 stick of butter
1 pack of brussel sprouts
1 bag of brocolli
2 bags of frozen califlower
Deli meat ham
Pizza sauce
Shredded cheese
laughing cow cheese
Some PB
1 jar of palmers
Penut flour
Ground beef (local) and some misc. Cuts
Ground pork (local) and misc. Cuts including Bacon
3/4 loaf of Ezk. Bread
2 Flat Out Flat Breads.
Coconut Oil
Stevia and normal spices

Wow I have alot more than I thought but that is for 2 adult and 2 little ones until Sunday afternoon.  Of course there are some off plan breads, pastas and yogurt that everybody else may see.

So I will post my menu for each day and bold the meals that are new to us from the book or other places.  I really want to stay on plan and I really need to make it til Sunday Sounds like a good challenge.  Praying the Lord will give me inspiration and the ability to focus on the abundance I do have.  That was a much longer list than I thought. I already feel alot better than I did.  :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Today's Workout and Fuels

Today's work out was a modified version of the Spew.

20 squats
20 lunges right leg
20 lunges left leg
20 jump squats
30 jumping jacks
30 wall push up
Rest & stretch

It felt good.

Pre workout Fuel
Bulletproof Coffee with TB raw milk cream and TB of coconut oil, coco and stevia

Post workout breakfast
1 egg with 3 pieces of deli ham, 1/8 cup cheese and water fried with butter omlete style.  Served ok 1/2 a Flatout flat bread with 2 TB of Greek Yogurt seasoned with onion powder, garlic and pepper.  So yum.  Protien count 23 ish grams.

Tomorrow's post work out protien refuel will be interesting since we are out of eggs.  I can't wait to get more Whey Protien Powder

Motivated Mondays

I like Mondays...or maybe's that is my bullet proof coffee talking this morning.  :)  I like being back in the regular routine which our weekends don't have.

Here are my goals for this week.

1. Do my TA work out everyday.
2. Do other work out 4 days
3. Stay on plan til Sat. when we go to the grocery store.
4. Make a meal plan for this week Today.
5. Do the grocery list and meal plan for the next two weeks by Friday.
6. Find our bedroom floor. ( :) )

Our Sears went out of business this week.  I picked up a few clothing items for 80% off.  I love a good deal.  Everything I bought were smaller than my current size.  I am nervous about that.  It made me realize how much fear I have about all of this not working.  I am really going to work through that stuff this week.  I think I need to get rid of my negitive conclusions, start leaning more on the Lord for my.success and trust He wants me to be successful in this too.

We were at a church gathering yesterday when one of the elders said "Hey, I don't know what you are doing, but whatever it is keep doing it because you are looking great."  It was nice to hear.  My hubby promptly said "See I told you there is a change happening and that I am not just delusional and blind."  I love that guy.  Happy THMamaing.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I have to figure out the weekends and THM when out an about.

So this weekend has been tough.  I had five pretzel bites while we were out at the mall yesterday.  Then we went to the movies which wasn't planned and I had popcorn, soda and two hotdogs with out the buns.  We had such a good time as a family though I regret not being on plan more.

I plan to start carrying almonds and some beef jerky sticks in my purse.  Maybe some sunflower seeds and water too.  Oh and maybe a,baggie with an S bread (Josephs Pita, or Flat Out Lite).  Maybe I could do some hard boiled eggs and keep them in the fridge and grab one to take with me when we go.  Chese sticks might be a nice grab and go snack too.  Someone on the Facebook page mentioned the organic squeezable baby foods that are apple and oatmeal for an E option.  I know there is a way I just have to set my mind to it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Still plugging away

Today was much easier craving wise and energy wise.  I had an E lunch of sweet potato and tuna salad so I was straving for something sweet and S by  3pm.  Cinnonmon MIM to the rescue.

I had a crossover last night before bed. A cup of raw milk and 3 pierces of 73% dark chocolate with almonds.  I think it may have helped whatever funkyness was making me feel bad.

I worked out today too, though I still need to find time to do my TA work out.  I did a modified version of the Spew. 40 squat, 40 jump squats, 40 lunges each leg, 60 jumping jacks, and 30 wall push ups.  But they were split in two sets.

Then I cleaned the whole house.  Yay for long naps from the kids.

Tomorrow is the real challenge. Weekends are always the hardest for me.  I might try to make a plan later tonight.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I hate cravings...

Today has been hard.  I am craving sweet stuff like crazy and none of it good.  I am tired and really hungry.  I think its monthly hormones but its still challenging.  Plus I have had a two day head ache and today I am really mentally foggy.

I went to bed late last night.  12:30 which isn't normal for me. But I got 7 to 8 hours of sleep so I thought I would cope better.

So here is the menu for yesterday and today.

B- 2 eggs in butter (S) 7:15am

Lunch: Cheesy Brocolli with ground local pork, sour cream and lettuce.  I caved and.added organic blue corn chips because I was straving 12:30pm (crossover)

Usually I do a morning snack and don't wait that long to eat but Ariella fell asleep in my lap and I couldnt forgo the cuddles.

Afternoon snack :  4 pieces of deli ham and 1 lite laughing cow cheese wedge (S) 3:45pm

Dinner:  Tuna Salad made with 0% greek yogurt and a few sprinkles of Parm. on 2 Josephs mini pitas with lettuce and a side of grilled zucchini (straight grill, no fat) (FP) 6:15pm

Snack/Dresset: Lemon Mousse + 6 frozen strawberries mixed in the food processor (FP) 9:00pm

Breakfast:  Savory Quinioa 3/4 cup of quinioa + 2 egg whites + 1lite laughing cow cheese wedge + seasonings (E) 8:00 am

Snack:  Godiva 73% Dark with Almonds, 3 squares (3/4 of a serving 13.5g of fat & 9.75g carbs) 11:30am (S)

Not exactly on plan but better than the other options at the grocery store. :-/  I had to have chocolate.  I tried to do just two squares but managed to keep it to 3 squares.  There was also cake snd ice cream waiting at home.  So I would say it was a better alternative.

Lunch : Pepperonis with a side salad of lettuce creamy csear, Parm & nutritional yeast (S) 12:30

Afternoon snack: Turkey Meat roll ups (FP) 4:00 ish

Dinner:  Beef Burgers or Crabby Patties with Green Fries (S) 6:30 or 7

Dessert (if necessary): Lemon Mousse with frozen strawberries (FP)

I have been doing Bullet Proof coffe before I work out if I am doing a morning workout.  I do an E snack before if it's an afternoon work out.

Maybe tomorrow won't be as craving heavy.  Glad I have stayed on plan.  I can't wait to get more whey.  I FSFs back in my life.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I am back!

I am back on the wagon!  Hooray!  My husband got hurt at work in March and couldn't help with the kids and I just couldn't keep up with everything.  Thankfully he's fully recovered and we are back to being a THM family.  Actually it was Daryl who got me back on plan.  One day he said "Would you make me some skinny chocolate?  I miss it and all this sugar is killing me."

I have  been back on plan almost three weeks.  I did gain back some wieght during my subbatical.  At one point I was back up to 197.  This morning I was 185.6 which is close to the 185 I was when I went off plan in March.  The last 3 week I have been going between 183.4 & 186.6 mostly hanging at 185.5.

While I have lost all my baby wieght from both pregnancies this 185 range is really where my body likes to hang out and this is where I feel the real hard work begins.

I am trying to be realistic and optimistic. After all my last pregnancy wieght was 233.  In light of that I have lost right at 48lbs in less than a year.  20 of those where THM pounds.  That's definately worth celebrating but I am nervous at the same time, that the plan won't work for my real weight issue.  My non-pregnancy, I am just fat weight.  Lol.  And now that Ariella is sleeping through the night and nursing alot less I don't have that for an extra boost. :-/

I finally started excersizing this week.  Its about time I got my butt in gear, literally!  So as promise I am going to put my scale away til Aug 12th.  My goal is to fit into the size 14 skinny jeans I got at the thift store last week. So as I figure it I have been on plan a total of 12 weeks ish total and lost right at 20lbs.  At the end of this month I might consider doing a Fuel Cycle. 

Its good to be back in the groove.  Happy THMama-ing today.