Monday, July 22, 2013

Swanson's Order

My Swandons order is on the truck for delivery, or so says my UPS app.  I am so excited.  It has my whey protien powder, more coconut oil (yummy skinny chocolate really drains the supply) and some supplements.  I can hardly wait.

First thing I will make is a FSF with my mint flavored chlrophyll added.Should be a peppermint pattie in my mouth.  What a fun way to get some extra protien in.

I did some prepping last night.  Choc pudding, a batch of pancakes, skinny chocolate, and kale chips. The kale chips where a flop in my opinion but the hubby liked them.  The kale was starting to turn anyway. 

Now I just need to decide about excersize.  My energy levels have been really down lately.  I am hoping some of my new supplements will help.  Particularly my D3.

Happy THM monday. :)

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