Friday, December 14, 2012

Pre plan food journel..

So here is todays foods:

Everything Bagel with butter and orange juice
Wild Rice with chicken breast and Italian Dressing and parmasean cheese
Chocolate milk from raw milk and Nequick powder
Chicken breast sandwich with sundried tomatoe pesto and provolone, 1 pancake, fries with ketchup   and a pepsi.
I snacked on a few curtons throughout the day.

Yep I know its terrible but I am almost through the first third of the book. Can't wait to finnish this Thirsty Mama chapter because the orange juice and pepsi aren't helping me one bit. 

Today I have settled that I am a drive thru Sue with a dash of whole grain Jane, who wishes she had the resources to be a farm fresh Tess and doesn't understand raw green Colleen. Its ok though because soon enough I will be a Trim Healthy Mama.

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