Thursday, December 13, 2012

The sugar monster

I am now working my way through the book. Its a little overwhelming. The sheer size of the printed material was surprising. I won't be implementing the plan til I am all the way through the book. Its a personality thing. I need all the pieces of information or I know I will become frustrated and unmotivated.

Today I had a reminder why I am doing this. First thing this morning I had an oatmeal, chocolate chunk cookie for breakfast. My twenty month old had one too along with his other breakfast. I know, terrible mom, right? But its hard to tell him no when I am doing it. I had two more later and he had one more before nap. He woke up from nap hyped to the ceiling, while I was dragging like I had been up all night and then some.

Thank you sugar monster for dragging mommy down and amping little guy up. That's exactly what I wanted for the afternoon. *insert scarcasm here*

This is my public declaration that the Sugar Monster's days are numbered in our house. 

Stay tuned tomorrow as I shamelessly share my food journal for the day. I think it will be helpful to be honest about where I am before the plan so I can rejoice all the more about the grace God is going to give for the plan.


  1. Great writing, Bridgette! You can do it, too! I love your goals :) I'm thinking it'd be amazing to do some races, too. I'm glad your husband is also supportive- it truly makes a difference. *hugs*

  2. I love your goals too! I totally was a HUGE sugar addict before starting THM. It was bad. But you can do this. Especially if you are open to experimenting with new recipes and keep an open mind to new flavors and textures. I have really loved almost all the desserts and have found great replacements for the sugary things I used to eat. :) I know you will to!

    And you speak about God's grace for the plan...I have totally felt that grace many times. It feels like freedom and liberation from a bondage of food. Seriously, God is doing something awesome through Serene and Pearl and this book. I'm so thankful.

    Looking forward to walking this journey with you!