Monday, February 11, 2013

Celebration Monday Week 5

Happy Monday to all.  So I weighed this morning and was at 194.0.  That makes this week a draw.  I am very happy with this.  I wieghed myself alot last week and I have an idea of what I can do food wise to keep the scale going down.  I could tell that certain things worked better than others.

But I have made a decision to switch focuses for a bit.  I am not ready to do the food things that would keep things going down.  (Less cheese, lighter dressings for salad, less frankien foods and fewer crossovers on weekends).  There are times I still feel deprived on plan particularly in regards to snacks.  Not because the plan doesn't have them but because I haven't had the time to try them.  I think if I was to limit any of the afore mentioned things while still feeling restricted in other areas I might jump off the wagon altogether.

So for the next month I am putting our scale in the closet.  My new focus will be excerise.  I am going to take measurements later today and update them each week on Monday.  I am confident that how I am doing the plan foodwise will keep me from gaining wieght and it will be nice not to think too much about food for awhile.  Then in a month I will get back on the scale and see what it says.

Should be an exciting, fun change of pace.  Today I celebrate the chance to taclke another obstacle on my THM journey.  Time to get moving.

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  1. That's a great way to look at things bridgette! I will join you and put the scale away until the next fuel week cycle on the facebook group in March! I hate the scale anyway :)