Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Party Sucess

I would post a picture but I didn't take one before our party Sunday night.  I love wings.  I am very particular about wings and the recipe in the book was phenominal.  Everyone at the party loved them.  I also took pudding and skinny chocolate.  The pudding was hit and miss but the skinny chocolate was really well recieved.

I had a soda with my wings and not of the diet version. Lol.  I really enjoy soda.  I grew up with it and being able to splurge on it, every once and awhile keeps me happy and feeling non deprived.  It however is not good for the scale for me, so I am becoming more picky about when its really worth having one.  Wings yes,  every resturant meal out, not so much.  I used to crave it everytime I had a burger.  That was more from habit than anything and that habit has definately changed.

I wieghed this morning out of curiosity since I had a couple cheats on Sat and Sunday.  I did all S yesterday.  I certainly couldn't do that when I first started but yesterday it felt good.  This morning I was back too 194.  I also wieghed at my normal time.  Yesterday was before breakfast but much later than normal because I got up late.

So all is well.  Still wanting to add a Fuel Pull meal or two this week.  And then there is excerise.  I don't want to add it but I need to add it.  My energy levels have been really sluggish for two weeks.  I think some endorphins will really help.


  1. Good Job Bridgette! I have exercised every day this week and it is helping so much with my energy levels. I'm very sore from kettlebells on monday but have just been doing cardio the other days. Keep it up!

  2. Great blog! I linked here from the THM forums. Just wanted to suggest trying seltzer in place of soda. There are so many flavors available now. You could even add a bit of stevia if you needed the sweetness. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!