Thursday, February 7, 2013

Everyone needs a cheerleader.

This is my fantastic husband holding our daughter.  This morning I was thinking about how important support and ji fellowship are on this journey and decided to brag on my wonderful hubby.  He is a huge part of my success.  I think its crucial that anybody doing this have support.  If it's not your husband then maybe a friend or the ladies on FB or the forum.

Daryl always comments on how much change he can see even if the scale doesn't recognize it.  He graciously goes grocery shopping for me or with me and makes sure to get exactly what I write down.  Tonight he bought me Bryers low carb icecream.   I requested it.  I have been missing icecream and don't have a food processor to make the tummy tucking icecream from the book. I will be excited when I can make it.  Anyway, he also got himself some regular ice cream but made sure to get a flavor I don't care for so I wouldn't be tempted.  He's the best and I am so greatful for his partnership in this journey.

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