Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And the star of the show is...

EGGS! These are my THM life savers.  Eggs fried in butter keep me on plan more than any other food.  On mornings where we got in late the night before and Levi decides he doesn't know what sleeping in is (which is pretty much always true in toddler land) this is what I fix.  In fact this morning I didn't even turn on the light in the kitchen while I made them.  It was a long night with Ariella too.  

I used to always eat my eggs with buttered toast and orange juice.  Never thought I would break that habit but I actually like not having the fuss of making toast.  I do miss my orange juice but I don't miss the 10lbs of wieght I have lost.  Plus when I get to S helper territory I will be able to add some fresh orange slices or a piece of sprouted toast to my waistline saving breakfast. 

Have a blessed day. :)

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