Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Self Talk Keeps Me on the Bandwagon.

So yesterday was a hard day.  Levi was in a strange mood all day.  My kitchen was/is in disaster mode (really it has yet to recover from its perpetual disaster mode), and we have all been fighting this snotty crud.  Add on not as much sleep due to some gas for Ariella at 1am and you've got a recipe for non motivation.  Daryl is working in Roanoke this week which means getting home later than normal and he had a meeting last night. We had leftover mexican burgers he could have but I just wasn't feeling them.

So Daryl came home reheated his dinner, gave me a hug, laughed lovingly when I closed the refrigerator door and slumped my head against it said "but I just want pizza" and was off to his meeting.  I was at a crossroads.  I could give into the boxed mac & cheese, chips, and oreos or choose something better.  So I started talking to myself. 

"There has to be something here that you want to eat thats on plan. I can't do beef again so a chicken breast it is.  Now a veggie...don't want the frozen cauliflower but that fresh brocolli I steamed the other day was really yummy so I will do that.  But that's so boring.  What to go with it...alfredo sauce from laughing cow cheese that was great during week 1.  Oh no, no chicken broth...but I do have heavy cream that's what you make real alfredo sauce with anyway.  Oh boy chicken brocolli alfredo, I love this stuff. It's going to be so good." 

And the chips, oreos, and mac & cheese were spared or maybe more accurately my panceras, liver and adrenals were spared.  Yay for self talk.  Probably have to do more of it today because the house is still in a sad state though Levi is in a better mood. 

It was all about focusing on something I wanted that I could have.  I was very proud of myself as was my husband.  Making new habits requires renewing the mind.  I am greatful for the Lord giving me the self discipline to have sucessful self talk.  I am worth better decisions for myself and I am strong enough to find a way to keep the babies happy for 15 mins to make something good for me.

One meal at a time, one day at a time, for the rest of my life.  Here's to staying focused on the journey to my forever trim and the self talk that keeps me on the bandwagon.

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