Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 1

Well TODAY is the day. Even though I am still missing some key ingredients (whey, gluccie, stevia ect), I have decided to start my journey offically today.  My who mom is coming into town this weekend to celebrate Christmas with me and my sister and love on my beautiful babies has agreed to help me buy my sweetner and gluccie for my Christmas present so that part will be here soon.

I have decided to maintain some flexibility since I am nursing our 4 month old until I get my whey powder.  If I need a non plan snack for now I will do that. I consider it a large victory that I sent the leftover lasnaga with the hubby for lunch, so it wouldn't be an option for snacking.  He needs all the calories he can get.

I bought a scale last night with a Christmas gift card. Thank you God for provision. I have never owned a scale. I used to say it was because the number didn't matter, and in part that was true. But if I am honest, the number "didn't matter" because I didn't want to face the reality.  I bought the scale as a step of faith. I really believe there will be a time in the not too distant future where I will be in crossover territory and be watching to make sure I am not losing too much weight.  I also wanted to be able to watch Ariella's weight.  Don't want my chubby princess to waste away. Lol.

So this morning I weighed in: 205.6lbs

I was surprised to say the least. Apparently nursing is still helping me. :)

This morning I will be having some steel cut oats with Palmers all fruit.

Lunch will probably be an S salad with a creamy dressing.  I will probably need an S snack in the afternoon.  Not sure about dinner yet.

Day 1 here we go.

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