Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So I am really doing it.

This plan for me has been like a breath of fresh air.  These last few months since our daughter was born I have been in somewhat of funk.  The last 6 weeks or so have been the hardest.  I have been really unmotivated and overly tired and maybe a little depressed.   But I am so excited I am actually doing it.  I was on plan all day yesterday and today should be all on plan as well.

This is quite a feat considering I don't have any of the speciality ingredients except some truvia and cooking coconut oil.  Plus I have had to wash every dish I have used including utensils.  Our kitchen is a disaster and though I had hoped
to be out of the paper plate stage by 12 weeks post partum it hasn't happened yet.  But I am still doing it. Right where we are. Paper plates and all.   Being successful and having everybody at the forum for support has really helped pull me out of my funk.

Here was yesterdays menu

B- 1 cup of steel cut oats w/1Tbs of palmers fruit and fiber, egg white scramble with 1/2 laughing cow cheese wedge E

Snack -cup of tea

L- Salad with grilled chicken, 2 boiled eggs, parmasean cheese and creamy italian dressing -S

Afternoon snack- skinny chocolate -S

Dinner- Grilled chicken over broccoli with a cream sauce of LCC an chicken broth - S

2am snack- Chocolate Nut Slab.-S


B - 3 fried eggs with cheese and three slices of Turkey deli meat- S

Morning Snack - Choc. Nut Slab and Tea -S

L- 2 1/2 Trim Healthy Pancakes with Palmers - E

Afternoon Snack- Almonds and Cheese

D-  meatloaf and side salad w/creamy dressing - S

Choc. Nut slab for dessert.

I am going to add a before bed E snack since I am nursing.  Tonight will be a Trim Healthy Pancake with a teaspoon of PB.

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  1. Good job Mama. Thanks for sharing this with me. :)