Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebration Monday Weekk 3

As of today I have lost another 1.6 pounds bringing my total weight loss for 3 weeks to 11.6lbs.and my new starting wieght to 194. 

I am a little surprised that it wasn't more but I did have a major cheat meal Sunday for lunch.  Daryl and I got to go on our first real date with out either of the kids since Ariella was born.  Its probably been close to six months or so.  It was very refreshing.  We had a great time and I enjoyed the food.  Even had a Pepsi. Which I will skip next time.  I was up til 1 am because Ariella had horrible gas.  I forget that she doesn't do carbonation well. 

Today I am most thankful for the grace the Lord has given me to stick with this new lifestyle change and the new family of sisters I have gained from it.  I am thankful for my super supportive husband and the way he encourages me.  And I am thankful for the vitality that
is coming back to my life allowing me to enjoy my children more than ever even on the hard days.  For all those reasons, I choose to celebrate today.

I have no idea what I will try new foodwise this week.  My main focus is bringing in the excersize component.  This week's goal is 4 times.


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