Monday, January 14, 2013

Celebration Monday Week 1

I am excited for so many reasons today.  I just got off the scale and am very pleased to report I have lost 5.2 pounds.  My new starting weight for this week is 200.4lb.

This is very exciting for me because I haven't added any Fuel Pull items or excerise yet.  I have also been sick since Thursday.  Thankfully though its not strep or a ear infection.  I am not a big fan of antibiotics particularly while nursing. Even sick I feel better at times now then I did as a carboholic.

Other exciting news: I have all sorts of goodies coming!! My mom let me splurge a little for Christmas.  I have NuNaturals stevia, gluccie, peanut flour, almond flour, extra virgin coconut oil and whey protien powder all on the way this week.  Oh the possibilities will be endless.

More later as now its time to help hubby get to work on time.

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